DONSUNG 2017 Pro Mannen Fietsen Set Ademende MTB Kleding Sneldrogend Fiets Zomer Sportkleding Fiets Wielertrui Ropa Ciclismo
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DONSUNG 2017 Pro Mannen Fietsen Set Ademende MTB Kleding Sneldrogend Fiets Zomer Sportkleding Fiets Wielertrui Ropa Ciclismo

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1.sports-type functional fabrics
This product jersey to COOLMAX and polyester fiber from the scientific ratio of fabric, soft breathable, quick dry perspiration. shorts with nylon and spandex mixed fabric, leg movement, the two materials, scientific ratio, not only can improve the stretch, to ensure that sports stretch, but also reduce the skin and fabric damage caused by friction.
2.the Italian ink sublimation printing and dyeing technology, bright colors do not fade Our cycling jerseys are made of Italian ink combined with sublimation printing and dyeing technology, so cycling clothes color bright, do not fade, do not hurt the skin. Really good printing and dyeing technology can make individual patterns to achieve the effect of color gradient, and ordinary printing and dyeing technology can not do, cycling friends can do more to find the secret.
3.3 D stereoscopic cut, male and female version diffrent the design Some of the entry-level riders may not be able to understand this "tight" feeling, our jersey version is based on ergonomic and pro cycling level cut, can reduce the wind resistance, save energy. And male and female version diffrent the design, more humane professional, after all, male and female body structure is very different. Men and women with the same version of the type is too responsible.YOU CAN MIX THE SIZE BY YOURSELF BUT NEED LEAVE A COMMENT IN YOUR ORDER LIKE " JERSEYS XXL AND PANTS XLCycling under the sunlight,most of the light will be reflected back,so that can prevent most of UV damage to the skin effectively.3 D cutting is a simulation of the human body wearing the state of the cutting method, you can directly perceive the clothing wearing the shape, characteristics and loose amount, is recognized as the most simple and most direct observation of the relationship between human body and clothing constitute a cutting method.Clothes close to the skin,sweat out of the process of movement can quickly spread through the fabric, increase the contact with the air surface to accelerate the evaporation of sweat, sweat evaporation take away heat, to help our muscles drop temperature, so you can reach the speed Dry.Material : 92% polyester, 8% spandex, 3 D structure, T60 grade sponge + silicone.High density sponge, silicone hand punching, seamless three-dimensional shock-absorbing breathable stitching design, skin-friendly comfort, reduce the movement of the movement and shock caused by chronic injury. Excellent in wearability and resilience Multiple sutures, in the intensity of the movement is not easy to split.Side with large mesh design, accelerated sweat evaporation.Clothes hem and sleeves with anti-skid silicone strips, to prevent the movement of clothes when cycling, so that the moment the body tight clothes, so as to get a better cycling experience.Back 3 bags intimate design, easy to place the kettle, cell phone and other small objects, cycling more convenient.
ITEM FUNCTIONMaterial : 100% Polyester.COOLMAX : quick-dry function and make you feel more comfortable.It can keep you dry and cool in the hot condition and warm in cold condition.Even you`re sweaty, the Jersey never adhere to your skin.You could mix the size of short and jersey,and make them a set.
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3XL, XXL, XL, L, M, S
Sleeve Size:
Korte mouwen
Past qua maat, nemen uw normale grootte
Zipper Length:
Jersey Sets
wielertrui pad stijl:
gel pad ademend
fabriek directe verkoop
broek materiaal:
80 % polyester en 20 % lycra
truien materiaal:
100 % polyester
Summer/spring/autumn/summer set
item name:
cycling clothing/cycling jersey /roupa ciclismo
sport type:
items type 1:
cycling sets/ropa ciclismo hombre
items type 2:
cycling clothing short sleeve/ropa ciclismo
Name 2:
ropa ciclismo,ktm jerseys,cycling jersey,bike jersey
mallot ciclismo,camisa ciclismo,ropa de ciclismo,ropa ciclismo hombre
Ropa Ciclismo, Cycling jersey, Mountain Bike Cycling Clothing
Men/women/hombre/ abbigliamento ciclismo
Anti-Pilling,Anti-Shrink,Anti-Wrinkle,Breathable,Compressed,Enzyme Wa

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